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Why I Love Harry's - 01/16/2017

For as long as I remember I have bought razors at the store. Something as simple as buying razor blades should be cheap and easy, but it is not - that is until I discovered Harry’s Razors. You sign up for a subscription to Harry’s, and they will ship you a quality handle, extra blades, shaving cream, and more. Harry’s is so confident you will like their razors they offer a trial for just $3 shipping - at least this is what I had heard. It all sounded too good to be true, so I decided to give it a try. I headed over to their website and signed up for a subscription. In the time it takes me to walk to my car before I can even drive to the supermarket, I had placed my order. That is 10 out of 10 for simplicity. A few days later a box showed up in the mail from Harry’s, and everything was wrapped neatly in bright orange, deep blue, and white, the colors of the Harry’s brand. The box included directions that were both funny and helpful, and presentation gets a 10 out of 10.

Ok, the moment of truth: how does it shave? I had spent the last few days growing out the little facial hair my genetics would allow, and I was ready to put the blade to the test. I used the shaving cream the the company had sent me, lathered up, and was ready. The razor had five blades all set in a row, and it slid like magic! It even had an additional single blade on the top for precision trimming. This came in handy for cleaning up sideburns. In addition to amazing blades, the handle of the razor was weighted. Holding this razor compared to a normal one felt like comparing an expensive pen to an everyday pen. I felt like had paid for a luxury and it cost me a grand total of $3. I give the quality of the razor and the quality of the shave a 10 out of 10. The shaving cream gets an 8 out of 10 only because the bottle leaks a little in the lid and the smell is a little too strong. In my opinion, I am buying shaving cream, not cologne.

With the shave complete I had reclaimed the smoothness of my face I had lost with my teenage years, but I was not done yet. In addition to to a quality razor and shaving cream, Harry’s sent me after shave lotion. This soothed any irritation left from after the shave. The lotion gets a 9 out of 10 again because the smell is a little strong.

All in all, I enjoyed Harry’s and with everything averaged, they get a 9.4 out of 10. I am now a subscription customer, and this is one of those services I think may actually save money in addition to time. The is so simple it sounds kind of silly, but it really does work.

My Favorite Summer - 01/16/2017

It was a summer night at Winnebago camp reservation, and the sun had just set. Crowded around a fire pit was a group of CITs very focused on building a fire for their campsite, and amidst this group was me. Everyone debated about how we should build the fire which distracted us. We did not realize who drove up.

His name was Derek, and his face was covered in stubble that looked very nonuniform. He was wearing a hat pulled down over his face, so it was hard to see his eyes, and between the stubble and his hat, you could see a scar running down the right side of his face. There were many stories about where he got that scar, but when questioned all he did was glare. He was accompanied by the smell of smoke from the cigarette in his hand. Derek lived at the camp year round, and as far as anyone knew he had no family. The isolation turned him cold and sour, which drove people further away leading to more isolation. He was not someone to be messed with. He patrolled the woods in his ATV looking for anyone he thought disrespecting his woods. On this evening his unfortunate victim happened to be us. He got off his ATV and slowly walked up to us with this scary look on his face.

Derek looked around for a second to see if there was anything he did not like. He fixed his gaze on me, and I felt like my stomach turn upside down. All he said was, "Your fire is too big." He glared the others around me for what felt like an eternity, and I thought the eerie silence would never end. He left without another word, like something out of a horror movie. We all gave one another a look of terror, and I think Riley peed himself. After that, we all lost interest in the fire.

It was the end of a long day, so I started getting ready for bed. Since the rest of the camp was packed full of campers and we were CITs, we were stuck in the run down lean-tos. They were like two abandoned cabins each missing a side. The lean-tos themselves weren't that bad, but what lived under them was unpleasant. They were full of cobwebs and other unidentifiable creatures, and one of them had a family of groundhogs living under it that would make strange noises at night. The missing side left us exposed to the rest of the camp with no privacy. There was a latrine a couple hundred feet away, which was really just a toilet and a sink in the middle of the woods, which the camp had graciously given to us.

I grabbed my toothbrush and my flashlight, to get ready for bed. I turned to face the open side of the lean-to, and a chill ran down my spine. All I saw were dozens of glowing eyes fixed on me. I froze in my tracks. Everyone else was in the other lean-to trying to scare away the groundhog, and I was left alone. I focused on the creature nearest me and tried to think of which animals had eyes like that. Was it an animal I wanted to be visited by, in the middle of the night? I tried to catch a glimpse of the beast, but my flashlight was all but burnt out. My eyes strained to make out the furry shape of a raccoon only a few paces away, and all I could think of were those eyes staring back at me. I turned the light off and jumped into my bed. I tried not to think of those eyes still fixated on me. Despite being watched, I was pretty tired and, I fell asleep quickly.

Some time later I awoke to the sound of Drewve calling my name in a hushed voice, "Christian, Christian, get up." His voice was quiet yet stern. I pretended to be asleep in hopes he would go away, but I was about to lose it.

"Christian there is a raccoon under your bed!" he said in a much louder tone than before. At this point, I did not really care what was under my bed - unless it was Derek that would be scary and kinda weird. I kept on ignoring them and tried to go back to sleep. I dozed off for a couple of minutes until Deven got the bright idea to poke the creature with a stick. Horrible noises began to escape from under my bed that would have sent chills down even the bravest man's spine. I sat up and looked at them in a state of confusion.

"What are you guys doing!?!" They had a startled look on their face like they were just now considering how bad of an idea this was. It is amazing how an idea can seem so smart one second then so stupid the next. I look around the cabin trying to see what was going on. My eyes finally got used to the small amount of light in the lean-to, and I saw an open cooler full of Arizona Ice Tea just sitting there. That was the final straw.

"WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING! NO WONDER THESE CREATURES KEEP COMING BACK! YOUR COOLER IS LIKE A BEACON TO EVERY ANIMAL IN THE FOREST!" We were all distracted and did not see the second raccoon creep into the cabin. Just as it caught my eye, it grabbed Drewve's bag in its teeth and bolted. Everyone was laughing hysterically except for Drewve who darted right after the raccoon. The only way to hunt down a raccoon is to become raccoon yourself. He chased that thing into the forest like his life depended on it. He was gone for several minutes until out of breath, and gasping Drewve finally came back panting, with his bag in hand. After that, the raccoons left us alone. Maybe they gave up or had mercy on us, but most likely they moved to the next campsite to torment their next victim.

We all learned a valuable lesson that day. We learned why you do not keep Arizona Ice Tea in the middle of the woods. I know you were expecting some deeper life lesson, but seriously never keep Arizona Ice Tea in the middle of the woods! Despite our stupidity that night this was the best summer I have ever had, and looking back, I would not change a thing.

Sass Mixin to Prefix Properties - 12/15/2016

Prefixes are annoying, and - I think - a waste of space. I have experimented with a few different mixins to deal with this space hogging annoyance, but this one from CSS-Tricks is the cleanest example I have seen thus far.


#some-div {
  -webkit-box-shadow: none;
  -moz-box-shadow: none;
  -o-box-shadow: none;
  -ms-box-shadow: none;
  box-shadow: none;


  @include prefix(box-shadow, none, webkit moz o ms);

I took this example from this website based on code from CSS-Tricks. The result may seem small, but in this project, I used the same drop shadow at least a dozen times. Each time the mixin is used I save four lines of code, so the lines saved is exponential.

The Mixin

/// Mixin to prefix a property
/// @author Hugo Giraudel
/// @param {String} $property - Property name
/// @param {*} $value - Property value
/// @param {List} $prefixes (()) - List of prefixes to print
@mixin prefix($property, $value, $prefixes: ()) {
  @each $prefix in $prefixes {
    #{'-' + $prefix + '-' + $property}: $value;

  // Output standard non-prefixed declaration
  #{$property}: $value;

Advanced Usage

If you want to save even more lines of code, keep your browser prefixes in a '$prefix' variable. The less you have to repeat code, the more space you can save and easier it will be to make changes globally.

$prefixes:  webkit moz o ms;

  @include prefix(box-shadow, none, $prefixes);

Source CSS-Tricks.

Cloning This Portfolio - 12/13/2016
Build Status Stories in Ready Codacy Badge is a Sinatra web app that incorporates GruntJS, TravisCI, and many other technologies to create a seamless development to production environment. Installing the project is as simple as cloning the git repo and running npm install. Once all the desired updates are made, the project is committed and pushed to Github. From there Travis picks up the commit, tests it using cucumber, and pushes it off to Heroku. This makes it very easy to allow other people to work on the project without having to learn how to use Heroku, and it ensures the application still works before it gets deployed.

Behind the Scenes is a complex Sinatra application based on another project I created Sinatra Start Point. Sinatra Start Point is the foundation for every Sinatra project I create. Currently, I have made a bunch of improvements to that I intend to merge back into Sinatra Start Point. After every project I build I assess what makes it better than the last and merge that into Sinatra Start Point. This workflow ensures each project I create is better than the last.

Getting Started

  git clone [email protected]:Christianjuth/Portfolio.git


Setup Project

  npm install

This command runs bundle install so you do not have to run that yourself.

Running Sinatra

  # visit localhost:3000
  npm start

  # this command force stops shotgun
  npm stop


  # migrate database
  npm run migrate


  # compile once
  grunt once

  # continuous compiling


  npm test