Christian Juth

Cloning This Portfolio

Published: 12/13/2016 - Edited: 12/24/2016

Build Status Stories in Ready Codacy Badge is a Sinatra web app that incorporates GruntJS, TravisCI, and many other technologies to create a seamless development to production environment. Installing the project is as simple as cloning the git repo and running npm install. Once all the desired updates are made, the project is committed and pushed to Github. From there Travis picks up the commit, tests it using cucumber, and pushes it off to Heroku. This makes it very easy to allow other people to work on the project without having to learn how to use Heroku, and it ensures the application still works before it gets deployed.

Behind the Scenes is a complex Sinatra application based on another project I created Sinatra Start Point. Sinatra Start Point is the foundation for every Sinatra project I create. Currently, I have made a bunch of improvements to that I intend to merge back into Sinatra Start Point. After every project I build I assess what makes it better than the last and merge that into Sinatra Start Point. This workflow ensures each project I create is better than the last.

Getting Started

  git clone [email protected]:Christianjuth/Portfolio.git


Setup Project

  npm install

This command runs bundle install so you do not have to run that yourself.

Running Sinatra

  # visit localhost:3000
  npm start

  # this command force stops shotgun
  npm stop


  # migrate database
  npm run migrate


  # compile once
  grunt once

  # continuous compiling


  npm test