Christian Juth


Published: 10/13/2013

FlatCal is the second Chrome Extension I launched on the Chrome Webstore and the first big step I took in developing my web design skills. FlatCal took the simplest idea, a calculator, and made it the most customizable thing ever. FlatCal comes with eight built-in themes and the option to design your own. The purpose of FlatCal was to create a simple, elegant calculator you can use from your browser.

Why I built FlatCal

I found myself writing papers on Google Drive and doing research on Google. Because of this, I decided having a calculator at my fingertips all the time would be useful. After a quick search on the Chrome Webstore, there was nothing that worked well and looked half decent. I had found my calling. I undertook the responsibility of creating a calculator that is elegant in design, customizable, and works. Here are a few things FlatCal users have said.


GREAT calculator!!! It works flawlessly and is exceptionally well designed and attractive... is easily the best!
FlatCal Review
Looks great and works well.
FlatCal Review

Some Numbers

FlatCal currently has over 2,200 users, 143,000 sessions since it first launched, and users in almost every country on the planet. FlatCal has generated 38 reviews and maintains a perfect five-star rating.

Just in case you were wondering this was the first extension I built.