Christian Juth

150 Hours

Published: 10/08/2016

150 Hours is an album written by my band, Anything Goes, during the summer of 2016, at the Original Music School. The album has an alternative sound and draws influence from Coldplay, Led Zepplin, and various other places. We wrote the entire album at a summer boot camp at the music school. At the time the band consisted of just me and my friend Coby. We spent hours in the studio writing and recording. It took us a total of 150 hours to finish the album, and that is where the title comes from. We added a few other band members for our final gig on October 8th. I not only learned a lot about music during this project, but it took a lot of teamwork and leadership.

Stumblin' Under Thunder

Stumblin' Under Thunder is a track inspired by Led Zeppelin. The lyrics and arrangement are both inspired by Fool in the Rain.

3 Seconds

Althouth the song has a heroic theme do not be fooled. The idea for the song came from one of my favorite non superheros Deadpool.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is about an outcast. Someone who has been forgotton by their kind. Eveyone feels like they are unwanted at some point in their lives, but sometimes all they have to do is, "make the climg home."

Stuck at Work

Never Call Me Again

The Full Album

Eveyone song in the album has a story behind it, and represents moments from our own lives. You can find the album on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and various other places.